What to do if you have a worry?

Lots of things can make us worry and worrying is normal.
Here are some ideas about things that can help:

Talk to Someone

  • If you’ve got a worry going around in your head tell an adult you trust, this could be a parent, relative or someone at school.
  • You can contact Childline free on 0800 1111 and talk to them about anything.

‘No problem is too big or too small’

  • If you have lots of worries it can help to plan a time everyday to check in and talk about any worries you have.

Ask Questions

  • Sometimes we can worry about things we don’t need to or we might not be sure what is happening.
  • If you aren’t sure about something, ask your grown-up for help; even if your grown-up doesn’t know the answer it might help to get it out of your head!

Keep Busy, Keep Active

  • Sometimes doing something fun or something that keeps your body and mind busy can help – colouring, playing a game, going for a ride on your bike or listening to a song that makes your happy.

Practice Mindfulness

  • This is thinking about what is happening right here and right now and focusing on keeping your body and mind calm – try doing a body scan.

Body Scan – Mrs White

Follow this audio body scan to practice your mindfulness